Friday, January 3, 2014

Decorating the Tree

This is the second year of our tradition of heading to Zionsville for Solveig's birthday.  The boys helped her decorate the tree and we exchanged presents.

 Solveig is very brave and lets the boys handle the breakables.  They are truly breakable as Anders did indeed break one.

 The boys were better this year about spreading the ornaments around.  But there were still clusters of ornaments at the bottom.

 Grandma and her Fiene boys!

 Grandpa kept the troops entertained while Grandma and I prepared for the giving of presents.  This was no easy job, but Grandpa handled it very well.

 The boys got sleeping bags and Gus was ECSTATIC to get a Spider-Man one.  He has slept with it every night since then.

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