Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Only a Bee Sting

The wasps were pretty bad in Texas this year.  My dad was outside all the time killing newly started nests.  We found that wasps pick some sneaky places to build nests.  We were all going to have dinner outside one night.  Hans had been sitting on two stacked chairs and, when he went to separate them, he unknowingly disturbed a nest.  Well, I shouldn't say he disturbed the nest at that point.  These lovely wasps waited until my husband sat down before they unleashed  their furry.   I wasn't outside at the time and just heard all of the yelling and screaming.  I thought Fritz had eaten stuff off of the table.  If only...

Hans was able to make it inside and ran to the bathroom to wash his legs.  Meanwhile the boys and my parents were stuck in the yard had to go around to the front door to come back in.  They had never seen so many wasps.  I'm sorry I missed that part.  I just got this part.
 That is so insensitive, I know.  I felt very bad for him.  However a paste made of baking soda and water did wonders.

This was the nest that was attached under the chair.  So, when in Texas during the summer, look under your chair before you sit down.  I know Hans will from now on.

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