Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Christmas Tree

Somehow I was able to convince the boys that we needed a more normal sized tree this year.  Last year our tree was ridiculous! When it came time to pick out a tree the boys were constantly reminding their dad not to get something too big.  Hans was not amused.

 We also had some teens from church join us for the event and they helped convince Hans that the tree should be smaller.  He doesn't like listening to reason when it comes to the size of a Christmas tree.

 Eventually we settled on a normal sized tree.  Hans was very happy we had two strapping young men there to do his work for him...um, I mean with him.

 John and Anders liked watching.  Anders was fast asleep in the car.

After we were done cutting it down, Hans was again grateful for young people.  Even if they were on my side about the size of our tree.

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