Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Since Christmas day has come and gone I feel it is about time to let you all in on our Thanksgiving festivities.  I'm sure you were all dying to know what we did.

 This year we had a low-key day with my in-laws.  Well, as low-key as you can get with my three little goofballs.

 Grandpa had to suffer through the dinner sitting in between these two boys.  I'm not sure how much of the adult conversation he heard. 

 Grandma sat next to the kid who interrupted her every 5 minutes to ask for more mashed potatoes.

 Real men drink pink champagne. 
Actually, real men drink pink champagne ONLY to toast the arrival of the newest Fiene born to Jake and Ashley.

The boys dressed in a variety of costumes, as usual.  In case you are not aware, this is Larry Boy.  He is the superhero of Veggie Tales.

 After dinner we played games.

 I think Grandpa and Gus were trying to cheat.  Although is it really cheating when an unnamed seven year old holds his cards for all to see?

The next morning the boys curled up with Grandma to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas.
 Even Beauty and the Beast were getting along.

 It was a wonderful day.

Here's to many more low-key Thanksgivings!!

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