Saturday, January 11, 2014

Refurbished Table and Chairs

After my latest paint projects I decided to tackle my dining room table.  The table and chairs were given to us when we got married, so they were starting to look a little dated.

 The chairs were a pale green with embroidered stars on them when we were given the table.  I had the chairs reupholstered about a year after we got the table.

 I tackled the table first.

 I painted and glazed the legs.

And I sanded and stained the top.
 This is darker than I had envisioned, but I actually really like it.

DONE...with the table.  Now for the chairs.

 The chairs were very time consuming.  But I think the paint and glaze make the details stand out.


Next I tackled the buffet.  I'll post about that next.


Virginia said...

Wow, looks great, Katie! It is amazing how much clearer the details are now.

Katie Fiene said...

Thank you!