Monday, October 7, 2013

My Refurbished Cabinet

After re-working my dining room, I had an extra piece of furniture I didn't know what to do with.  I figured this would be a great piece to experiment on with painting and glazing.

I bought this piece off of Craigslist 2 1/2 years ago.  I figured some day I would re-do it.  I never thought it would take me this long.  Nevertheless, here it sits in what I hoped would be its new spot in the formal living room.

 After de-glossing it I primed it.

Then I decided to make use of my paint sprayer.  I found out this is not my favorite method of painting.  And, unless I did something really wrong it also isn't the most economical option.   I have to say I HATED the piece after this.  I called Hans and told him I thought it looked horrible.  How could I have been so wrong about the color?  But, I figured I would try glazing the piece before giving up completely.

 I'm glad I glazed before calling it a loss.  The glazing did wonders. 

 I thought something different for the bottom of the drawers would be fun.  I thought about wallpaper, but the quickest, cheapest and best option was actually wrapping paper.  I glued the paper to the bottom of the drawer and then put two coats of Polyurethane over the top.

Here it is all done and in its final home.  I purchased new knobs and drawer pulls.  I intended to buy new hinges, but after going to 3 stores and trying every hinge I saw I realized that wasn't going to be possible.  So I ended up just spraying the hinges to match the other hardware.

I was so pleased with this that I decided to do two other pieces.  Pictures will be posted shortly.

***After doing this piece I discovered that I glazed it all wrong.  The glaze should be more blended and less streaky.  Now I want to re-do it, but I fear my husband would wring my neck.  (Editor's note: I would never do such a thing and think it looks awesome and that my lovely wife needs to stop being so ridiculously self-critical.) Live and learn I guess.***


Ashley F. said...

Holy cow! That looks amazing. Can you come to my house and help me finish my to-do list?

Katie Fiene said...

Ashley, I would love to come and help you! I can't wait to see your newly sanded and stained floors!