Sunday, October 13, 2013

Saying Goodbye

In just a few days the sale of my grandparents cottage will be final.  Practically speaking this is a wonderful event and a blessing for my grandparents.  Keeping up with the cottage and what I always called "the winter house" was just getting to be too much.  Emotionally speaking it is a little sad for everyone. This is where I spent my summers as a child.  BUT I have two things to be thankful for.  First and foremost is that I still have my grandparents around to continue making wonderful memories with.  The cottage was nice, but what made it perfect was spending all that time with my loved ones that I still have.  Second is that my children were able to spend a couple of summers there. All of us were actually able to be there this past summer.

This is the view when you drive up.  Lots of soft, green grass to play in.

Many, many years ago my Grandpa built this deck that looks out onto the water.  I couldn't imagine having lake front property and not having a beautiful deck to enjoy the view.

 The boys had a great time this summer running around and being loud.  They also discovered that little things can get lost in ground covering.  They looked for a small Toy Story action figure for a long time.  They even roped my mom, Hans, and I into looking.

Anders grew tired of our incompetence and decided to look for himself.  The boys did end up finding it.  Just shows you what determined little boys can accomplish.

The last time we went to New York Fritz was just 11 weeks old.

This year he was a beast.

More pictures to come from our time at the cottage.

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