Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adding Some Color

The cabinet I painted and glazed was actually not the piece I intended to do first.  That just happened.  I figured as long as I was getting out all of the painting, sanding, and priming stuff I might as well make it worth my time.  The two pieces I wanted to start with were the coffee table and side table from our family room.

This is the only 'before' picture I have.  See that black coffee table?  And the corner of that side table...the one the lamp is sitting on?  Those were my projects.  I bought these two pieces at Target shortly after Hans and I got married.  They were just supposed to be filler pieces that would hold us over until we found, and had money, for what we really wanted.  I never though they would last this long.  But these cheap particle board pieces have managed to survive 4 moves, 3 kids, 1 dog, and Hans.  So I thought I'd give them a little facelift.

 Primed and ready to go.  I had just gotten done spraying these Peacock Feather blue and a storm blue in.  I'm sure all of my neighbors got a big laugh watching me try to get these into my garage without doing too much damage to the paint job.  Despite the drop cloth I also managed to paint part of my driveway.  

I learned some valuable lessons that day.  1. Always check the weather.  2. If your grassy area is too uneven to paint your furniture on, be sure to pre-schedule someone to come out and reseal your driveway.

 This is Peacock Feather blue.  I almost didn't glaze these pieces as I love this color.  But I'm not sure this would have worked as well in my house.

 After glazing.

Now my family room looks like this.  
Well, almost like this.  Throw in an outrageous number of mismatched shoes, dirty clothes, and 6 pounds of dog hair and that is what my family room looks like.


JAN said...

I LOVE all of your furniture redos. They've all turned out so well. You need to come and redo some of my furniture.

Katie Fiene said...

That would be fun!