Monday, October 28, 2013

Anders is 3!

A little over a week ago, my little monster turned 3.  On the morning of his birthday we had an appointment for him to be evaluated for preschool.  Gus was evaluated on his third birthday too, but decided that "being evaluated" meant "I won't talk to anyone."  Anders talked to everyone, however, but kindly told them he would only answer to the name Birthday Boy.  The ladies were all cracking up...and secretly hoping that this kid was not in their school district.

 Fritz loves to photo-bomb.
I can't believe my baby is 3.

 The birthday boy was chomping at the bit to open his presents.

 After opening the first present from Uncle Jake and Aunt Ashley it took a long time to focus this kid's attention to open anything else.

 Fritz was even infatuated with Perry the Platypus.

 After we were able to get Anders to put down the platypus, he thoroughly enjoyed opening up all of his presents.  He also thoroughly enjoyed not having to share them with his brothers that day and reminding them every 5 seconds that it was his birthday.

 He wanted his cake to be too many things to make it into anything else.  He also quickly reminded me that I left off some stuff.

 But he loved the cake, so that is a success.

He actually got to have his cake at a friend's house.  I think he liked having so many people sing Happy Birthday to him.

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