Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Day at the Arboretum

The boys love going to the Morton Arboretum and it's always more fun to go with friends.  The boys love Joseph and even fight about who is going to play with him more.  The nice thing is that Joe is such a nice boy and he plays so well with all of the boys that there is never really any fighting when he is around.

 Gus has been really into maps lately.  He was trying to maneuver through the maze.  Even though the map had nothing to do with the maze.

 I think the boys got their shirts wet and took them off after about 5 minutes of being there.

 Sometimes it is just so hard to be little.

 Snack time.  

 The boys were way to preoccupied eating Scooby snacks to smile.

After some snacks the boys played in the koi pond.  That is usually the last thing we do at the arboretum since the boys come out of there soaking wet.

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