Sunday, August 4, 2013

Disney Fun

The boys and Sophie had a great time riding rides, seeing characters, going to shows, eating food and getting spoiled by Debbie and Pam.
 John is most like Goofy, but Anders feels Goofy is someone he can look up to.

 Anders was doing his shy routine.  Maybe because Minni is a girl.  I can't wait to get the picture disc from Disney because there is a great shot of Gus with Minni and he looks disgusted to be taking a picture with her.

 Sophie with Minnie and the dog named Sophie.  

 Eating at Chef Mickey!

 Can you tell Gus was excited to see all of the Disney characters?

 Evidently this Minnie is good enough for Gus.  Maybe because she is wearing his favorite color and not that pink, girly dress.

 Spend a day with Anders and you are sure to see this face at least 10 times.

 Gus was just the happiest boy in the room.

 This is the coolest bike.  I love Anders and Gus sitting in the front.  I also love how there is no way on earth that John is able to help with the pedaling. I'm sure he tried his hardest though.

 Gus was just hugging and kissing everything!  Except of course the pink clad Minni Mouse.  I will be sure to post that picture when it arrives. 

 Gus must have been in a really good and funny mood on this day.  He's ready with a pose!

Anders on the other hand was worn out.  This would probably be me about 20 minutes after dealing with these kiddos at Disney.  I don't know how Debbie and Pam survived!

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