Monday, September 2, 2013

Thomas the Train StoryHour

When my boss Lisa made the program schedule for Summer Reading, I jumped at the chance to do the Thomas program.  This was right up my alley.  I'm pretty sure I still know most of the train names.

 Pinterest gave me lots of decorating ideas.

 I had the tables set up in different colors and then the kids told me all the trains that were red, blue, yellow and green.

 All the kids went home with their very own train whistles.  I know the parents just loved me that day.  I wonder how many train whistles were "lost".

 After a story or two I was showing the kids the cool finger puppets we would be making.

 After cutting out about a million pieces of felt, I thought it might be best to put the faces together for them since the parts were so small.  But the kids glued the heads on the train body and the bumpers.  Each child went home with 3 train puppets, Sir Topham Hat and a conductor.  I wasn't kidding about cutting out about a million pieces of felt.

 The next craft was making a train out of lots of sweet, messy, sugary things.

The kids enjoyed the stories, crafts, songs and food.  Some of the parents are even still talking to me after I sent their kids home with train whistles and hyped up on sugar!

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