Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Fun in Indiana: Part 1

The Fienes made plans to all be in one stay at the same time for 3 days.  That rarely ever happens.  Since Mike and Andrina's clan and Christian flew in all the way from California, we thought it was only fitting to have a nice family get together.  The first day also happened to fall on the 4th of July.

 Of course we had to get the kids together for a picture.  These cousins are the best of friends.  I love how they can go a year without seeing each other and just pick up where they left off.  It's beautiful to see.

 Baby Michael isn't a baby anymore.

 Michael loves his dad.  His mom is his first, second, and third choice, but dad is a strong fourth.

 Michael also likes Uncle Hans.  Hans should feel pretty special because Michael doesn't go to just anyone.  I'm still waiting for the day Michael can look at me without crying.

 The children enjoyed playing on bikes and scooters and coloring on the driveway.  Anders was being an absolute toot and driving over the bricks Machara had just colored.  She was good at ignoring him.

 Machara's middle name is Ashley after her aunt and godmother.  She was very excited to see Aunt Ashley.

 The adults enjoyed good food and good conversation.

 The kids had a good time just running around.

 John and Grace, a neighbor, played a little ball with Michael.  Getting that boy hooked on soccer early.  These three were so sweet.

 At the time of these pictures Michael wasn't walking.  When he was on any type of hard surface he would crawl like this.  Now I think he has ditched the crawling and has started walking.

 We used the wheelbarrow to block the alley so the kids could play.  They all thought it would be cool to play in it.  Anders wanted to give everyone rides.  He realized he need to start lifting weights.

 John and Eva are a perfect pair.  They are such goofballs.

So much love.

 With everyone in attendance we absolutely needed to take a family picture.

The weekend was filled with lots more laughing, talking, playing, hugging and smiling.  More picture to come...

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