Friday, July 26, 2013

The Grand Floridian

Debbie and Pam toyed with a couple of different ideas about where to stay and ended up deciding to stay at the Grand Floridian because of its ideal location.  Never having been to Disney World myself I didn't realize what a big deal this was until people who knew Disney asked where the boys would be staying.

 Anders wants in!  That is his I'm not playing around face.

 This is the Grand Floridian.  Isn't it big and beautiful?

 The hotel staff had fun stuff for the kids to do by the pool.  Can you tell John is excited about something?

 I think he was excited about volunteering for an activity.  John is always in need of cold water being splashed in his face.

It looks like they had tons of fun activities for the kids to do during a relaxing day at the pool.

 Anders enjoyed being the pirate of the pool.  He came back from Disney with a new Jake and the Never Land Pirates infatuation.

 Gus was more than willing to sacrifice by eating ice cream at the pool daily.  Such a hard life.

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