Thursday, July 11, 2013


Debbie and Pam discovered a fun, new place where they could take the boys.  Make-A-Messterpiece is awesome!  It's artsy and creative and, best of all, it lets the kids make a mess and the adults don't have to clean it up!  If it weren't so far from our house I would be tempted to get a job there.

This is the Bubbleology station.  The boys always come home with several pieces of bubble art.

 Getting ready to make a treat in the 'Creative Kitchen'.

 John's rice krispie treat was a whole lot smaller when he came home.  I'm surprised it made it home at all.

 On this visit they made dinosaur cookies.  Forget the cookie part, Gus was all in the second he saw cinnamon and sugar.

 After the kids rolled out the dough they made dinosaur tracks.

Then the staff took the cookies and baked them.  They were all set to go in bags with their names on them a few minutes later.  

 There was also a center where the kids could make dinosaur tracks.  This also a cute idea.  The museum attached tracks to the bottom of flip-flops.  The kids were able to paint the bottom of the flip-flop and then make tracks.

The also have things to climb on and a slide.

 Learning about volcano eruptions.

 Baking soda, vinegar, food coloring and a little water is all you need.

 Anders didn't think it was necessary to use eye protection.

 Love John's face.

 He loved it so much he had to do it again.  Then he roped his dad into doing it again a couple of days later at home.

 These boys look like they could be on an episode of Breaking Bad.
Make-A-Messterpiece also has a room with barrel drums topped with colored water.  It makes a fantastic mess, hence all the gear.

 The boys LOVED it.

I'm not sure Anders wanted to leave.  I'm actually surprised he hasn't tried to replicate this situation at home.

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