Sunday, July 21, 2013

Minooka Summerfest

While it was fun to have the Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dogs at our booth, the boys also managed to have some fun apart from the dogs.

 It's a good thing these boys are cute because they are constantly stealing/mooching food.  I sure hope Pam wasn't planning on eating that melon.

 Kye wanted to smell the melon on Anders hand.  Anders was pleasantly surprised to be around a dog who wasn't trying to knock him over in order to take his food.

Maggie and Anders thought the bucket with ice and water was WAY more interesting than the dogs.  These two played in this bucket for about half an hour.

 I asked Gus to smile for me.  He was little preoccupied.

 So I asked him to look at me and smile and this is what I got.  Then he asked me if he could be done.  Oh well.

 Members handing out water on a hot, muggy day.

 I was taking pictures of the Comfort Dogs when I spotted Hans and Diane having a funny conversation.

 It must have been pretty funny.  The day was filled with lots of wonderful moments.

 Sophie and the boys found the big bouncy slide.

 My not so dare-devilish child was VERY upset last year when he couldn't go down the slide.  This year he was old enough and really wanted to go.  I thought he would get to the top and realize it was too high and refuse to come down.  Or slide down once and never try it again.  But he surprised me and slid down over and over again.

 When John saw this picture he asked me if I had any more.  I told him that this was the only picture I took of him sliding.  Then he said, "Well maybe next time you should take more just in case.  Because this one isn't good.  I look a little scared.  The picture should capture how I really felt."  Yes folks, that's right, my son did say capture how I really felt

John also felt that I should add a picture to show just how big the slide was.  And to let you all know again that he was not scared.  As if anyone thought he would be.

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