Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The boys just love going to museums.  It's a good think Debbie and Pam like taking them.  A couple of weeks ago Debbie handed me a disk with a TON of pictures on it from various museum visits.  It seems that, the more pictures I have to go through, the the longer I go between posts.  Sometimes it is daunting to sit at the computer and go through hundreds of pictures.  But I started the process so here you go...

I can't remember which pictures are from which museums, but I'm pretty sure they've hit every Children's Museum within an hour of Minooka.

 One of the museums let the kids color on the wall.  Anders was all about that.

 Gus just wanted to cover as much space as possible.

John takes a little more time to paint his picture.

 The boys love the bubble section of the Dupage Children's Museum.  This is suppose to make a big bubble around whoever is standing in the circle.  I wonder if Gus knows his butt kept popping the bubble.

 Anders looks little wet here doesn't he?  I believe Gus had been dumping water on his head.  This why I try to remember to pack another shirt for each boy.

 On the particular trip Debbie and Pam brought their friend Helen along.  The boys had a good time showing off for someone new.  At the end of the day, when they dropped her off, John told her the he had fun and they should do it again sometime.  He's a very sweet and thoughtful boy.

 Feel free to come visit us.  The boys would love to take any visitors to their favorite museums.

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