Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun in Florida

I'm sure I will have several, and by several I mean a bajillion, posts about the boy's adventures in Florida this summer.  I just started tackling the pictures Debbie had on her camera and still have the disc of pictures the Disney staff took to go through.  I'm trying to narrow down as much as possible, but their time there was packed full of fun stuff.  I'm told Sophie took most of these pictures and I think she did a great job capturing the utter chaos and goofiness the boys exhibit.

The first few days in Florida were spent at Debbie and Pam's house.  It's a great thing they planned it that way since the flight from Chicago to Tampa kept getting delayed causing the clan to not get to the house until around 11:30 PM!  AND all of the boys were still awake!  When Debbie called me I was a little worried about what was in store for them the next day.

 Evidently they all slept in a little.  By a little I mean they stayed in bed until about 8.  That is the equivalent of noon normal people time.  Then they spent the morning lounging around.

 The boys love Sophie.  They just can't get enough of her.  This trip brought their love of her to a whole other level.

After a bit of time the boys were back to business as usual.

 John does not look happy.  Gus looks a little confused.  Business as usual.

 I noticed a running theme in many of the Florida pictures...Gus likes to kiss stuff. 

Anders needs to take a little rest and get a hug before he starts running around like a mad-man again.  I wonder if John is in time-out here.  If not,  I would love to know how they got him to willingly sit still for more than 2 seconds.

 One of Debbie and Pam's neighbors have a pool.  So the boys enjoyed swimming for hours.

 Sophie fits right in with our goof-ball boys.  Gus seems to have a disgusted look on his face most of the time.

Fun in the sun and they haven't even reached Disney yet!

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