Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nickelodeon Resort

After spending a few days hanging out at Debbie and Pam's house, the crew was Disney bound.  Before hitting the Magical Kingdom, they stayed the night at the Nickelodeon Resort in Orlando.  While the boys watch a few Nick shows they watch them through Netflix so they don't see all of the Nick commercials.  But they did seem to know all bout being slimed.  They were excited to see how that all worked.

 Gus seems pretty happy to be there.

 John was ecstatic. 

 Getting crazier by the second.

 One big crazy party with Sophie.

 These two are not always a good combination for the sanity of the other people in the room.  They are two peas in a pod and they feed off of each others craziness.

 Somehow Anders managed to be upset in such a happy place.

Then he fell asleep and all was right in the world.

 The boys were excited to meet some Nickelodeon characters.

 Can you tell John is a 6 year old boy?  There goes Gus with the kissing again.

 Gus going down a slide with water at the end is a big deal.  Before this I'm not even sure Gus would go down a park slide with a rain puddle at the bottom.

 Anders, however, is game for just about anything.

 The boys had a great time running around the water park.

 Apparently Gus's trip down the water slide pooped him out and needed to relax.

 Anders just couldn't stay in one place for two long.

 All of these people are standing under the big Nickelodeon bucket.  I wondered why at first...keep scrolling.

 This would be why.  Sophie and the boys are in there somewhere.

 John was very excited about being slimed.

 Can't go to the Nickelodeon Resort without meeting SpongeBob.

After a busy day it was time to hit the hay.

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