Sunday, August 5, 2012

VBS in Denver

I find it utterly amazing that it has only been a little over a week since we arrived home from our trip and I've already been through pictures from the first leg of our trip.  I guess it helps that I didn't take very many pictures while we were in Denver.  Why should I?  We were visiting Jan and her family and she always has her camera ready.  She also takes WAY better pictures than I do.  So I'll post my pics and refer to her blog for the rest.

In the midst of planning this big trip, Jan called me and asked if I would teach music for their VBS while I was in town.  I had no idea they planned the week of VBS around the time we were going to be there.  I feel completely honored.  I think we should make it a tradition.  And even though the kids kicked me to the curb and had Hans take my place, I still feel honored that the folks at Mt. Zion still remember us and love us.

Since we couldn't get there in time for Monday, a nice young lady took my place and taught music.  We managed to make it to the church at the end of the VBS day and I heard from a couple of kids that they were excited for music the next day.  I was happy.  My ego was a bit inflated.  However, Tuesday morning rolled around and Jan was going to be thrifting with a friend and I really wanted to go.  So my wonderful husband offered to take my spot as the music teacher.  He said the day went well, but was more than ready to hand over the reigns.  I went into teach the next day and fielded 682 complaints from 35 students about the lack of a certain "funny guy" music man.  I was no good.  I wasn't funny.  My normal awesome teaching tricks and hit songs failed.  My ego deflated.  Thus, I fired myself and handed the music back over to the funny guy for the rest of the week.  The kids were overjoyed.  Don't feel bad for me though.  I got to go shopping with my friend while the music man had kids hanging all over him.

Hans was so focused on teaching that he neglected to notice Anders climbing the communion rail.

 The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock was a big hit.  Even with Anders...who is still on the wrong side of the railing.

The kids especially loved the part of the song when the rain came down and the floods came up.  While I would sing this in a normal voice, with actions, while sitting, Hans took it to a new level singing about the rain coming down in a very low voice and the floods coming up in a very high voice.  The song will never be the same.

And this is where my pictures end.  Take a look at Jan's blog to see more VBS photos.

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