Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Denver Fun

Yet again I will remind you that I didn't take many pictures in Denver.  But that doesn't mean we didn't have tons of fun.  It is always fun with the Melius clan.  I don't think we realized how much we missed our friends until we were able to spend time with them again.

The night we came into town, we had a little get-together with some of our other friends in the Denver area.  Unfortunately time did not allow us to see all of our friends.  But we thoroughly enjoyed the friends we did get to see.  I was having way too much fun catching up with everyone that I didn't take my camera out once.  Check out Jan's blog for the pics from that night.

After doing VBS every morning we were all pooped.  But that didn't keep us from having some fun by the pool.

 Gus was so tired he couldn't keep his eyes opened.

Then there was also the night we took all the kids out for Pizza at BeauJo's.  With 4 hungry adults and 9 hungry kids, it could have been a disaster of an outing but it was absolutely fantastic!  We happened to go on family night, so there was a magician there who entertained the kids while we waited for the pizza.  But, yet again, you have to go to Jan's blog to check things out.

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