Thursday, August 16, 2012

Always Wear A Suit To The Beach

Within two hours of getting to Andrina's house in California, we were headed for the beach. 

They played follow the leader the whole way.

It was later in the day and we weren't planning on staying long, so we didn't put the kids in suits.  We will never make that mistake again.  Why we as parents expect our children to act differently around sand and water when they don't have an actually bathing suit on is beyond me.  There was no keeping them from the water.  Which is fine because clothes wash, but we didn't have any other clothes to change into or towels for them to dry off.  I didn't hear any complaints, though.

 Anders liked digging his hands in the sand.

He liked playing in the sand so much he figured he try to eat it.  That didn't turn out so well.

 I can tell these pictures were pretty early on because the kids still look pretty dry.

 Anders would walk toward the water and then a wave would come...

and then we would turn right back around.

 Machara isn't really an outdoorsy girl, so she hung out with me.

Michael is happy as long as he is with his mom.

Gus looks like he is going for a run along the beach.

 This is where John got really wet.

 He loved sitting there waiting for the waves to come.

The beach makes this kid happy.

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