Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Travel Days

After we left Denver, we headed to California by way of Utah.  Hans wanted to visit his old church, house, neighborhood, school and everything else.  So we drove by his old house and he really wanted to say hi to his neighbor across the street.  "It will be fine, Katie.  She would want us to say hi and I want her to meet the boys."  But I just couldn't get myself and the boys out of the car after 8 hours and bombard this poor woman.  Plus I wasn't sure she liked Hans that much as a child. (Editor's note: Everybody loved me as a child.) When we got to the house there were a fair amount of cars in the driveway, which sealed the deal for me.  "I'm staying right here.  If you want to go say hi then, you can crash her party...alone."  So the boys and I sat on the curb and waited as Hans went to the door.  He came back a few minutes later and said that Elaine had invited us all in.  They had just finished having a baby shower for one of her daughters in-law.  So those messy and rambunctious boys of mine went into a house where there were lots of nice things to break.  I held my breath the entire time.

After church on Sunday, we were invited over for brunch by the parents of Hans's old friend, DJ.  Boy, could you tell they were grandparents.  Spilt milk, orange juice and scrambled eggs on the floor only made them smile. And not that I can't wait for them to get out of my house smile.  But a loving, genuine smile.  The one only sweet grandparents can give.

After our lovely brunch we head for Vegas.  I was initially very excited about our stay in Vegas.  Not because I wanted to be in Vegas, but because we were able to get a nice room at a nice hotel for dirt cheap.  I'm a little thrifty this way and if we are only using the hotel to sleep and will occupy the room for only 12 hours then I don't want to spend much.  I had wonderful thoughts of taking the boys down the strip to see the lights and Hans told them all day about swimming in the biggest pool they had ever seen. 

And then we got to Vegas.

Oh, Vegas, how I don't belong in your city limits. 

We checked into the hotel and, about 45 minutes later, found parking, hauled the kids into the hotel, wound our way around the casino a few times looking for the right elevator and found our room.  After we had been looking for the elevator for a bit a staff person came up to me.

"Have you checked in yet?"
"Yes.  We are just looking for elevator 3B."
"Oh, how long are you staying?"
"Just tonight."
"Oh, too bad.  Will you be coming back again within the next year?"
"No.  I am never coming to this city again.  Thanks though."

Poory lady.  I didn't feel like going into the whole explanation of how we were only in Vegas as a pitstop to our final destination.  Or how I was excited about the cheap room and didn't realize until we drove down the strip that the cheap room came at a great price, mentally speaking.  Or that I am more of a homebody, small group kind of girl and lots of  barely-clothed, semi-intoxicated, strange people made me a little uneasy.  I spared her my rantings and went on my way.

Upon entering our room I declared that I would not leave again until the next morning.  Hans decided he would venture out to find food and scope out the pool.  After about 15 minutes, Hans declared his hatred of Vegas and said the pool was full of numerous sights our children should not see and that he was headed for the car to find food that cost at least a little less than an arm and a leg.  Some overpriced McDonalds and Chinese food later, we were all happyish.

This was the view from our room.

Other than driving in and out of town, this was the closest to the strip we got.

This was the hotel, Luxor.  The boys were excited that we were staying in a pyramid.  Once they found out what a pyramid was.

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