Saturday, August 18, 2012

San Diego Safari Park

While we were in California we decided to visit the Safari Park.  It's a nice zoo, but it is a lot of walking. With 6 kids and one single stroller, it seemed a bit overwhelming, but the kids had a fantastic time.

 We happened to get there just in time to see this acrobatic group.

 They did some really cool things and the kid were mesmerized the whole time.  This guy is actually holding himself out at this angle while he spins around the pole.  It was amazing.

You don't have to take my word for it.  Just look at these kids.  This was the quietest moment we got out of them all week.

We did actually walk around and saw some animals.  But I was corralling animals of my own, so I didn't take many pictures.  Anders really wanted to go in with the elephants.  Something tells me they would have thrown him back.

John actually had a camera with him and I wish his pictures had turned out.  Eva posed in front of every animal and said "John, take a picture of me."  It was very, very cute.  John would even say, "Say whiskey!"  which he got from my friend Jan who is using that word now instead of cheese.  We had some random people staring as we had 4 kids screaming "WHISKEY!"  It was fun.

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