Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Train and Its Makers

For Christmas, my Aunt Diane gave John a kit to make his own train.  He was very excited but mean old mom had to contain the excitement and keep him from opening the kit on Christmas day while the house was filled with 3 million other toys.  On top of the fridge was were it sat for about a month.  Then Diane called me to say they wanted to visit and the first thing John thought of was waiting until Jimmy, his "train cousin", could help him.  John actually waited for 3 more months until they came during spring break.

 We had to tell John to stop talking because it was taking him a million years to screw in one screw.  Jimmy was feeling like it was going to take all day.

 All done with the building process.  John just loves his train.

He was excited that he could do anything he wanted with his train.  After much contemplation he decided to color it rather than painting it.  He is so proud of what he made.

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