Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Chronicles of Anders

Anders is a toot.  He may be the toughest kid yet.  That's right, folks.  Out of the three kids there is not an easy one in sight.  I'm told everyone has one easy one.  It just wasn't meant to be for me.

Anders likes to relocate items.  I can be a bit OCD about things being where they should be.  So Anders and I don't make a great team in this regard.  Lately he has taken a liking to putting things in a floor vase I have in my living room.
I knew he was putting random socks in there, but I didn't realize he was putting other things in there.  I decided to empty out the vase one day and got this...
See that shoe there?  I have been looking for that shoe for almost 2 weeks.  I thought we lost it.  I was pretty upset because they had only been worn once.  The boys were also happy to find various toys that had gone missing.

There he is going back for more.  I wonder where else he hides things.

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