Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

**Long post, lots of picture.  But they are 5-year-old-soccer-players-in-action-pictures, so they are cute and funny**

My in-laws came out to watch one of John's soccer games.  All of us were excited to see them, but John was especially ecstatic that they were coming to watch him play.  The only negative was that this was the first time the team played in the afternoon on one of the hottest weekends thus far.  So the kids weren't as peppy as usual.

 The Ref has to check to make sure they have on all the right gear.  We discovered this a couple of weeks ago when John was told he couldn't play unless he had cleats.  I was thinking that 4-5 year old soccer wouldn't constitute the need for cleats, but I was wrong.  John is now outfitted with all he "needs" in order to play.

 Anders promptly found a little girl to play with.

Look at that trouble-maker.

 John is ready, can you tell?

Anders is hot and tired.

 I love the fact that the ball is behind him.  We probably need to work on the hand-eye-coordination.

 John was dribbling down the field and fell.

 But he wasn't about to just give the ball to the other team.  He quickly got up and tried to pass the ball to a teammate.

This is the dynamic duo.  The little girl in the sunglasses is Ashley.  Ashley is the little sister of Breanna, a classmate of Johns.  Ashley and John are not afraid to go after the ball.  John also told Ashley he thought she was cute the first day of practice.  She then promptly turned around and yelled to her mom, "Mom, the boy in front of me just told me I was cute!"  Everyone laughed.  This was the day everyone knew who John was.

John actually pays attention in practice.  The red team was throwing in the ball and John went right over to this girl and stood in front of her.  He looks a bit nervous though.

Grandma's cheering, Gus is falling asleep, and Anders is trying to decided when to run onto the field.

 John likes to be the goalie.  But he needed a little direction.  Check out the next picture...

 After this incident Hans told him to squat down to get the ball so it couldn't go in between his legs.

 And  he listened.

 He also wasn't afraid to dive after the ball.  He actually was able to stop the ball here.

Too bad his reflexes were a little late here.  Good try though.

 Grandpa and his boys

I love action here you go.

 Where is the ball John?

 Gus likes to try out various nap spots.

Go, John, Go!

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