Monday, May 21, 2012

The Chronicles of Anders

Anders is a bit of a stinker.  All of my boys are.  This morning I was woken up, as usual, by a babbling Anders and Gus announcing that Anders was awake.  In case I didn't hear it for myself.  Hans told Gus to go into Anders' room and say good morning and that we would be in there in a second.  We heard a little bit of a laugh and then Gus yelled, "Daddy, Anders peed out of his crib."  Thinking Gus just couldn't be right, we went into Anders room to find Anders had taken his diaper off and had indeed peed on the floor in front of his crib.  I guess Gus got to see the whole thing and thought it was pretty funny.

After I clean the carpet I will be finding the duct tape in order to keep the diaper on.  I'm thinking he is a little young, but if he knows enough to pee outside of the crib and not inside of the crib I might want to start introducing him to the toilet.  I just got Gus to stop peeing on the floor.  I was hoping for at least a couple week break before the next kid decided to pee all over the floor.

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