Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garage Sales

I had a garage sale this weekend and I am not one for garage sales.  Don't get me wrong, I know people who get pretty awesome stuff at garage sales, but they also tend to go to numerous garage sales and look through lots of junk before finding a treasure.  I would actually go to more garage sales, but I just don't have time.  And, if I planned to get myself out of the house early on Friday or Saturday morning, that would inevitably be the day that all three boys and the dog decided to sleep in...and that would just make me a bit frustrated.

As far as hosting a garage sale, this was pretty new to me.  In my lifetime I have only participated in two or three garage sales and they were all fundraisers.  I've never thought about having a garage sale because I try not to keep that much stuff in my house that I don't want.  Aside from Denver where we stayed 2 1/2 years, Hans and I have only managed to live in a house for 8-12 months before moving so I would just make a trip to Goodwill to drop off all of the stuff I didn't want to pack.  However, when we moved into this house last year, I knew the Village of Minooka had a village-wide garage sale every year, so I thought I would show my support for my village by hosting a garage sale in which I kept all of the profits.  But I wasn't really in it for the money.  I just wanted someone else to take all my stuff.  The more items I sold, the less I had to pack into my car and take to a donation center.  I heard several people saying, "This is the cheapest garage sale I've ever been to."  That's right, people.  Tell your friends.  I'll give it all to you for a quarter.

My in-laws were there for the last day of the sale.  They came to town to see John play soccer, but they were also kind enough to sit outside in the hot sun and keep me company.

The boys had a great time playing with Grandpa...and Grandma.

 Anders was able to entertain himself for a long while with two empty cups.  And people wonder why I'm selling his toys.

Gus had fun being Darth Vader for most of the morning.

The great thing about not expecting much from a garage sale is that you aren't disappointed and have no stress when deciding to close up shop a few hours early. I'm pretty confident in my decision not to do the garage sale thing again.  For those of you who find deals, keep it up.  You will always make me wish I would get my act together and go garage sale hunting.  For those that host garage sales, more power to you.  You are a more patient person than I am.  Although I did manage to clean and organize my garage.

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