Friday, October 21, 2011

A Series of Pictures

I live with a bunch of crazy boys!

I love having a digital camera that takes shots continuously.   Usually out of the hundreds I take, I get a few good ones.  But when you are trying to take a sit down , nice picture, the series of shots can tell a funny story...or just show you what it is like in our house.

 John can't stop moving, Gus thinks something is funny, and Anders is watching it all...great.

 The three on the right side look great...what's up with the two on the left?  I'll remember not to put them together next time.

 Seriously, John and Gus?  The hardest person to get to sit still, look at the camera and smile should be the baby.  Should be.

 I have tons of pictures of Gus watching John and now I have Anders watching Gus.  I'm in so much trouble.

 John's kids will look at this one day and make fun of him for picking his nose.

 5 people and only 1 is looking at the camera.  Well, at least they are all smiling.

 Alright.  I think we have it.

And now John is completely over this whole experience and wants to watch TV.  I'm pretty sure my dad was done too.

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