Monday, October 3, 2011


Debbie called me one night and asked if I had any plans for the boys the following day.  This was back in early August and I was still getting ready for our open house.  "Nope.  They are all yours."  I was excited at the possibility of just having Anders and the dog to care for while trying to get the house ready.  She told me that she and Pam would be taking the boys to LegoLand with Sophie and a little girl from church, Sage.  So the next morning they arrived ready to spend the day at LegoLand with four kids.  These women are saints.

Sophie is always a big help.  She seems to know John's language.  She is great at keeping John and Gus in line and is also able to be extremely silly with them.

 The kids were able to make lego cars and send them down the track.

 I always wonder what he is thinking.

I'm sure this was a big hit.  The boys are really into Star Wars right now.
 There was also a ride there.

 I'm pretty sure places like this didn't exist when I was a kid.

 Of course a trip to LegoLand wouldn't be complete without a trip to the gift shop.  The boys were very excited about their new toys.

After LegoLand they took the kids to lunch.  When they arrived back at the house the boys were sleeping soundly in their seats.

Thank you Debbie and Pam for a wonderful day.  I was able to get tons done...but, more importantly the boys had a wonderful time.

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