Monday, October 24, 2011

John and Gus's Room

Okay, I'm ready to reveal the room transformations.  There are still 490 things I want to do to the house, but for now I'm content...and out of money.

Everything that was able to be painted was painted.  Ceilings, baseboards, window sills and doors were all covered in new paint. A big thanks to my sister in-law and brother in-law for being incredibly awesome and having paint delivered to my door.  If you are ever looking for a good quality paint that covers in minimal coats, check out Valspar.

This pepto pink mess is the boys room.  I wrote here that I was going to paint this room first but sadly it wasn't the first, second or even third room painted.  But, I don't think the boys suffered any permanent damage by sleeping in a pink room for a month...or two.

I really can't take any credit for this transformation.  I just painted the base coat and my mom did the rest.  She is very meticulous.  Can you tell?

 The boys just love their room.  Which is good because it is staying this way for a long, long time.


Linda said...

Love it! Your mom does such a great job, she needs to come visit me and give me some creative suggestions for our boys room. ;)

Heather said...

I have been anxiously awaiting the reveal ever since you did the post with the boys painting their letters. It looks awesome. I love the stripes.....lots of patience!!! :)