Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Trip to the Museum

The day after we moved into this new rental house, two ladies in our church took John and Gus to the Children's Museum so I could clean, unpack and organize.  I'm not sure how much of that I got done, but the boys had a blast.  Deb and Pam were so nice to take them and take a ton of pictures.  I had a hard time choosing which ones to use.  After looking through all of these pictures I really want to go to the museum. 

Can't start the day with out having some fun at the water table.

Then it was time to make bubbles.

Deb and Gus are making a bubble that goes all the way around them.  Cool, huh?
Deb and Gus have a very special bond.  Gus, who never pays attention to new people, walked up to Deb on our first day of church and hit her on the butt.  I was mortified.  Really.  But it seemed to have created a special relationship and for that I'm glad he was uncharacteristic that day.

I'm told this was the highlight of the museum for the boys.  You put balls in the pipe and then use the vacuums to manipulate the balls path.

Pam and Gus
Did you know that if you add a little water to those packing peanuts that they stick together?  Both boys made sculptures.

Hard at work.

I love how Gus is always looking at John.

As if going to the museum wasn't cool enough, Deb and Pam took the boys to lunch and to get ice cream cones that looked like clowns.

The boys had a wonderful time.  They still talk about things they did.  I'm also grateful for getting some time to unpack and unwind.  I still can't believe Gus went somewhere without me or his Dad.  

Thank you, Deb and Pam.  You guys are awesome...and not just because you took my kids.

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