Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

So, I'm a little behind.  I've been posting pretty regularly but those pictures have been on my camera or computer for awhile.  I just got these pictures off of my camera today and thought I'd better post now or Christmas would come and go before I got around to it.  I think Hans took all of these pictures after he fiddled with my camera for a few hours earlier in the day.  He is very particular about settings.  In his defense, we did buy an expensive camera and it should be used to the best of its ability.

We spent Thanksgiving day with the Melius family.  It seems we spend every holiday with the Meliuses.  We are very lucky to be in an area with several other young Lutheran Pastors and their families.  Hans and I don't remember having close relationships with other pastors' kids, so this arrangement is uncommon and very much appreciated.   You can also see some pictures on Jan's blog.

This is Gus enjoying his first feast.  He was getting fussy waiting for all of the food so we sat him down to eat about 15 minutes before the rest of us sat down.  Not to be left out, Gus was still eating when we all sat down and didn't demand to get out of his highchair until we were done.

 The kids all gathering around to look at the pictures Rebecca took.  She also took some movie clips and was making movies for all of the kids...this was a big hit.

Hans says there aren't enough pictures of me.  I think there are more than enough.  But, Jan also mentioned the fact that I wouldn't let her take a picture of me in her blog, so here you go.  I was watching Jan's former next door neighbor cut Jan's hair, trying to get some tips.  But I'm pretty sure Jan stays still for a haircut.  John and Gus don't know the meaning of still.

Yay, dessert.  Gus didn't get any dessert, but he was happy about watching everyone else eat it all up.

The day after Thanksgiving, Erika, Jason and their daughter Maren came to see us.  John wanted to hold Maren and Erika actually let him.  John is an old pro at holding babies since Gus has been born.  But Maren is a lot smaller than Gus was, since Gus was about the size of a toddler at birth, and Erika is a first-time mom.
John just sat there and loved on Maren and when she started to fuss he said, "Don't worry Maren, John's got you."  How sweet.

I love this picture because Maren looked pretty content being held by John, but isn't sure how she feels being held by Hans.

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