Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Discovering Edamame

As I've said before, Gus hates baby food.  I tried today to feed him yogurt and he won't even let me do that.  Gus does not want to be fed, he wants to do it himself.  This is evident by the fact that he clenched his lips shut when I tried to give him a spoonful of yogurt, but then he grabbed the spoon and tried to do it himself.  Gus wants to eat anything we eat.  John is learning that he can't leave anything on the floor or low table as Gus will crawl quickly to get his hands on the food.

The other day we were eating edamame.  We love edamame and it was actually one of John's first "big boy" vegetables.  Gus was very interested in these green beans and quickly grabbed up everything we gave him.

The coffee table is no longer safe.  Gus can not only pull himself up, but is also cruising all of the furniture.

When we didn't give him more fast enough, he tried to get them himself.

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