Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hans' Birthday

We have been meaning to have a chocolate fountain party for about a year now and Hans thought his birthday was the perfect excuse.  I wasn't sure how many people would be able to come since most of our friends are other Pastor's families, but we actually had a great turnout.
John had to show everyone his presents.  The adults were in aww as to how many there were.
I love that Isaac was just standing the on the present.  He needed a little lift to see the other ornaments.
Dark chocolate.  You can't go wrong with dark chocolate.

Hans was very excited that the lefse his mom sent us made it in time.  He really couldn't wait to try it dipped in chocolate.

Hans got lots of cool things for his birthday.  His parents bought him a GPS which he has been playing with non-stop.  He also got some GPS accessories, a pull-up bar (yes, he will really use this), a beer pitcher and a griddle.
Hans decided he will never use his griddle to fry bacon again, as he kept getting splashed by the grease.  It's great for pancakes though.

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