Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Tales of John

I'm pretty sure that people who don't believe in guardian angels have never had kids.  Don't ask me why, but shortly after we moved to Denver we bought a coffee table and matching end tables off of craigslist that have glass table tops.  I really thought it would be fine since they were in the living room and we spend the majority of our time in the family room.  But lately John has been leaning, laying and climbing all over the coffee table.  We've told him repeatedly not to mess with the table, but he is three and, as he tells me all the time, he has wax in his ears.  Yesterday, John and Gus were playing under the dining room table and I was folding clothes in another room.  I could hear the boys giggling and laughing and then all of a sudden I heard a loud crash and both the boys screaming.  As I was running to find them, I thought they had pulled the Christmas tree down, but when turned the corner I found John standing through the table with broken glass all around him.  Gus was sitting about 2 feet away with glass around him as well.  Luckily, John and Gus did not move and I managed to get them both out of the room without any bloodshed.  Simply amazing.  The whole ordeal scared John and he was crying hysterically for awhile.  After about 5 minutes I realized he wasn't crying because he was hurt, he was crying because he felt bad that he broke my can you get mad when they feel so bad?  I did sit John down and explain that this was the reason he told him not to sit on the table.  He started to get really upset again and said, "But Mom, I wasn't sitting on the table.  I was jumping on it."  All to soon he will learn to lie or at least polish the truth about things like this.

John came to see the Christmas program at the preschool where I teach and he really seemed to grab onto baby Jesus.  He talks about baby Jesus all the time and loved learning Away in a Manger.  Today, he balled up his blanket and rocked it back and forth in his arms and started singing Rock a Bye Baby.  He disappeared into his room and came out a few minutes later and told me I had to be very quiet because baby Jesus Christ was sleeping.  We went to check on Jesus later and I saw that John had tucked the baby nicely in his bed.  He even put a pillow next to the baby so he wouldn't roll off the bed.  What a sweetie.

Today John was yelling at me from the bathroom that he needed help.  I must not have heard him the first few times he called so he yelled louder.  After I helped him out he said, "Mom, I really don't like yelling at you.  If you would just listen to me I wouldn't have to do that."  This is evidence he actually hears me when I say this to him 300 times a day.  Now, if he would just take his own advice.

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ABCKegg said...

Thank God the boys were okay! It's amazing what kids live through. I do appreciate John's point; He wasn't SITTING on the table. :) Oh, my.