Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sleepy John

For the most part John doesn't take a nap anymore, but sometimes he just falls asleep playing or eating.

I'm not even sure how he came to be in this position.

He looks cold.  We keep telling him he'd be warmer if he kept his pants on.

He was right in the middle of eating when he fell alseep.

Nice outfit, huh?  At least he is wearing shorts.


The Simpsons said...

Those pictures are hilarious!!!! He's going to LOVE them when he gets older (especially the ones of him in his underwear) lol!!

I love your new blog header, by the looks great!!

Katie Fiene said...

Thanks! I've been looking into making my blog into a book so I have something to show all of John's girlfriends :)...he may never bring anyone home.