Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting Gus to Eat

Technically between 7-9 months we are supposed to feed Gus three small meals a day.  With John this would not have been a problem.  My problem would have been keeping him from eating too much so he would still nurse.  Now Gus, he is a completely different story.  After many attempts and numerous trials I finally found a couple of things he will willingly eat.

The first thing is popcorn, who would have thought?  This is actually a pain because it is a lot of work to get the kernel parts off so he can eat it.  But he loves it.

The second is oatmeal with apple butter.

Don't confuse apple butter with apple sauce, Gus can tell you they are completely different.  My friend Jan gave me some homemade apple butter and I decided to try it out.  To my surprise Gus actually opened his mouth for more.

Oh, and I guess there is a third.  He loves all of those finger snacks.  His favorite snack is the yogurt melt.

Now for the avocados...he HATED them.  Hate is a pretty strong word, but these pictures are from the third attempt to eat them.


"Not cool, Mom."

"I hate these."  He is actually spitting them out.

Just to prove his point he started gagging.

He's already screaming at me.  He continued to scream until I put the bowl of avocados in the sink.  I'm pretty sure I was cursed out in baby language.

I may not try avocados again for awhile, but I'll keep plugging away at the rest.  I'll satisfy the picky eater until he is one.  After that, he learns to choke it down or do without.  Hopefully it won't come to that.


The Witherspoon Family said...

That is hysterical!! I was literally LOLing. Remember, sometimes you have to give them a new food... is it 10 times? before they might start to like it. Other than that, I'm out because Brady ate almost everything and still does, like John.

Katie's Mom said...

I laugh every time I look at these. What a character! You have two very expressive children - double the fun!