Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Back to Normal

We've had an exhausting week or so in the Fiene house.  Both of the boys got sick and Hans and I struggled to stay well ourselves.  Poor little Gus was hit the worst with a fever that lasted four or five days, runny/stuffy nose, upset tummy and swollen eyes.  I think the worst part for him was his inability to suck on his pacifier.  He loves playing with his pacifier during the day, but it is a necessity to get him to sleep at night.  I have to admit we had a rough couple of nights since Gus would only sleep 49 minutes at a time...yep, I got a whole 49 minutes of sleep before he would start to scream again.  However, I'm so glad that this whole thing only lasted a week and nobody was sick enough to warrant anything other than home remedies.  We have a couple sets of friends here who each have several children and in both families the whole family got pretty sick. To make matters worse, after it circulated the family the first time, it went for round two.  I had a hard enough time with two sick kids I can't even imagine having 6 or 7 kids and being sick myself.  I also just found out today that Hans' cousin Anneliese is very sick and in a children's hospital diagnosed with H1N1 and pneumonia.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Anneliese.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures of the boys.

Doesn't he look HUGE in this picture?

It is ridiculiously hard to get a picture of John these days.

I think Hans was trying to give Gus something to play with, but he still wasn't feeling well and started crying.

John decided he needed to pick out his own outfit.  Hans told him he needed long sleeves so he came back with a sleeveless shirt and a long sleeve shirt and wanted to wear both.  I'm actually surprised he picked two shirts that matched pretty well.

Gus loves chewing on his pacifier.

Only my son would wear a long sleeve fleece with no pants.


The Simpsons said...

Very cute pics and so glad everyone is feeling better!! :)

ABCKegg said...

Oh, man, Sorry you guys were sick. It's already been a rough cold/flu season, and it just started. Hopefully you're all immune now!