Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Chronicles of Anders

Anders is a stinker.  I am positive I will be called by his teacher or principal at least once every school year.  Don't think I'm taking that lightly.  I will be mad and he will be in big trouble, but I'm preparing myself now.  He is smart, stubborn, manipulative, and utterly ridiculous.  But he is also pretty stinkin' cute.

 This is a face I see multiple times a day.  Anders is upset about something.  One would think it might have to do with the tricycle next to him.  But that would be too easy for us and not enough fun for Anders.

Anders dragged this scooter from the garage to the sidewalk and then just stood on it like that.  He started to get pretty upset because the scooter wasn't moving on its own.  He eventually figured out how to make it go.  But it was sure cute watching him stand there getting miffed at a scooter.

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