Friday, June 21, 2013

A Birthday BBQ

This cute little girl I know was turning 3 and she invited us to her Birthday BBQ.  She is cute as a button and the boys just love her so we were all excited to go.  The boys went with me to pick out her present and decided that she needed a balloon and flowers to accompany the Lego set they picked out.  Such gentlemen.

 It rained while we were there so we hung out indoors and Anders was chomping at the bit to go out and play.  When it finally stopped raining he ran out to the swings.  I guess I need to teach him that dumping the water off the swing is better than trying to drink it.  

There were far to many people there to get anyone to focus long enough to take a picture.  But, this is the small yet mighty little Maggie and her 3 crazy amigos.

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