Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boys and Leopards

Solveig wanted to try to get a picture with the boys and their big, stuffed leopards.  And we all know how those pictures come out...  I really just need to learn how mix pictures together.

 Gus starts off silly.  Anders looks a little confused.  John actually has a nice smile but that won't last long.

 Anders looks like he is up to something.  You really shouldn't take your eyes off of this kid. He is trouble.

 John is already tired of this whole picture thing and the other two are just warming up.

This is when I called it quits.  This is one of John's new favorite smiles.  I didn't realize people rated their smiles.

Of course we have to get some pictures of Grandma Fiene with the boys.
 Almost a good shot.  Anders is definitely showing off his personality.

 This is another one of John's favorite smiles.  Help me!

Well, at least Solveig looks good.

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