Monday, June 17, 2013

John's Field Day

John's last day of school also happened to be Field Day.  John had a great time hanging out with all of his friends.
 One of the games I helped out with was Mario Kart.  The kids took turns racing each other from one end of the gym to the other.

 Between helping with Mario Kart and lunch prep, I didn't see John again until his class was at the Tug of War station.

He is such a ham!

 I love this picture because sassy Mia is screaming at John to pull harder.  And John looks just as happy go lucky as ever.

 The whole class worked together.  Although it would be great if they did actually work together.  Someone should tell John that it's not time to pull.

 Ms. Georgis and her sweaty, smelly, rambunctious class.

It was a wonderful year.  We will all miss Ms. Georgis.  Now we are waiting to see the fun things 2nd grade will bring.

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