Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Visit from Grandma Fiene

Memorial day weekend Solveig came for a little visit.  The boys were excited to see her.  It was raining off and on while she was here so we tried to sneak in a couple of trips to the park when the weather allowed.

 We took Fritz with us once.  The boys would love to walk Fritz but he is a too big of a dog for them.  He's still learning not to pull on the leash.

 Gus was excited to walk Sophie.  Actually Gus and Anders fought over who was going to walk Sophie first.  Can you imagine that?
I love this picture for many reasons.  John is all the way at the stop sign sitting and waiting.  Anders is running all by himself and Gus, our pokey little puppy, is lagging behind leisurely walking the dog.

 Fritz is working on staying.  This is SO hard for Fritz.  He usually doesn't make it, but he is trying.

 Anders was excited to take his turn "walking" Sophie.  Sophie is not really sure how she feels about that.

Swings are always a big hit and Grandma was in high demand for pushing.

 Solveig and I took the boys to Ikea, which is always an interesting experience, and then we went to see the movie "Epic."  While at Ikea the boys, all wanted the exact same Leopard...more on that later.  But Gus also picked out a tunnel which has brought hours of enjoyment.

And, of course, you can't come to our house without playing games. I think we actually got through a couple of games with out any tears.  Now if we can just get through them without someone cheating.


Virginia said...

Katie, if you have a problem with Fritz pulling, I would suggest purchasing a prong collar. They are pretty amazing. Our husky wants to pull (surprising huh?) and this has really helped.


Katie Fiene said...

Thanks! I actually have one on order. We tried some other things first, but I think this is just what Fritz needs.