Monday, February 11, 2013

Board Games

I am not a board game person.  I've really never been a board game person.  Even as a kid.  I know, I'm weird.  I remember having a good time playing board games with my family.  But I just don't get as excited about it as everyone else.  This trait was not passed down to my boys.  Which is a good thing.  They take after their Uncle Mark, who had an ongoing game of Monopoly going on with my mom for what seemed like years.   But playing a board game in this house is quite comical.  Anders usually moves the pieces where ever he wants whether they are his to move or not.  Gus doesn't have a long enough attention span to actually play, but BADLY wants to win and Fritz usually ends up in the middle of it all.

 They had a mean game of Chutes and Ladders going on here.  Complete with trash talk.  John is pretty good about giving and not at all good about taking.  In this family, if you dish it out, you have to take it.  This is apparently a hard lesson to learn.

 Fritz often comes by to make sure there isn't any food he can clear off the table for you.  He also wonders why so many people would be this close together and not be petting him.

 I believe this is Gus's turn.  See Anders moving that piece?  I'm pretty sure that wasn't his piece.

Fritz doesn't like board games.  He would be very happy if all gathered around and played, 'let's see who can pet the dog the longest.'  That's a game he could get into.

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