Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Mo Willems Event

I have written about Mo Willems before.  I just love Mo Willems. His books are funny and kids love them.  His books get checked out enough at the library that I asked if I could do a Mo Willems program.  So we set aside an afternoon for Mo Willems fans to read Mo' books and have Mo' fun.

All the kids had their own Knuffle Bunny name tags.
Once inside the room, the children and their parents were encouraged to doodle on the tables covered in butcher paper.  Mo keeps his dining room table lined with white paper and the walls are painted with chalkboard paint.  I did a little research for this event.  And by a little I mean a lot.  I felt a bit stalkerish.  I really like Mo Willems.

This is John's doodle.  I think he did pretty well.

Then we all made our own Pigeon hats.
I have to admit I was very specific about the color of this pigeon.  It had to be this specific blue because this is the color of the Pigeon.  I looked all over for this color for a craft that was most likely thrown out when the kids got home.  I'm a little OCD.

 Then we read a whole bunch of books.
 We even did a dramatic reading of an Elephant and Piggie book with John and another parent.  John has theatricality coming out of his ears so this was right up his alley.
 After some fun reading and learning some facts about Mo (yep, I let the kids in on some of the fun facts I found out while stalking Mo), the kids were able to make their own books.
 Creating and doodling together.
 Our neighbors Cassie and Kaylee came to the event.
Each kid went home with a folder filled with color sheets and games all centered around Mo Willems' books.  Oh, and check out the folder cover...that's right, I wrote to Mo and told him about our event and he signed a couple of posters for the library.  My stalking paid off.

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