Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Boy and his Dog

Gus and I have been in a constant argument for about year about Fritz being a comfort dog.  I say Fritz is NOT a comfort dog and Gus insists that he is.  Gus is sure that Fritz is in training.  He gets mad every time I say that Fritz just wouldn't make the cut.  And somehow, even if Fritz is the one who committed the act for which Gus must be comforted, Fritz is able to comfort him.  So to Gus, Fritz will always be a comfort dog.  And you don't mess with a boy's comfort dog.


Heather said...

These pictures are just precious! I completely have a love/hate relationship with our dogs. I get so frustrated at all the messes they make and then I turn around and they are loving on one of the kids and it melts my heart.

Katie Fiene said...

Hans has to constantly remind me that I like our dog. Fritz eats a lot of peanut butter sandwiches off of table. :)