Monday, November 26, 2012

Let's Get Real

I'm not a big Facebooker.  I just don't have enough time for it.  I also seem to have friends on every side of every issue and Facebook just tends to be exhausting.  I only really discuss politics with my husband, and that is a rarity, and I don't go around preaching to everyone I don't agree with.  I am open for discussion and, if someone asks me my view, I will give an honest answer.  There aren't very many people out there that I don't get along with.  And usually the people that I have the hardest time with are the ones that may share a political, moral, ethical view with me but tend to be nasty and mean spirited when expressing said view.  I bring up Facebook because I signed on the other day and was immediately met with a picture that was shared by a number of my friends.

I can not express to whomever reads my blog just how much this makes me ill.  I am normally pretty good at reading things and venting to my husband (or parents) about it and then letting it go.  But this picture is all I've been thinking about for a few hours.  I can only hope and pray that the people who created this picture and the ones who continually post it in support don't really believe this is true.  Just because I don't agree with a certain lifestyle does not mean that I wish ill on those who choose to participate in said lifestyle.  I stand firm in my beliefs and will fight for what is right.  But that doesn't mean I condone the sheer hatred that this photo represents.  To make the argument that those who are opposed to gay marriage wish harm on those who are not opposed is ludicrous.  It is the same type of argument my 6 year old makes when he tells me that, because I don't want to give him a cookie, I must want him to starve to death.  Even the most obnoxiously conservative people I know may get a little short with those who don't embrace their beliefs, but they are not in favor of harming those who don't share their beliefs.

So to those that know me, I am opposed to gay marriage.  Do you honestly think that this is what I'm in favor of?

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