Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kuipers Family Farm

Debbie and Pam took the kids to Kuipers Family Farm again this year.  I had to work so I missed the fun this year, but the boys had a great time and were excited to spend the day with Sophie.

Last year Gus didn't want anything to do with the jumping pillow.
 He stayed like this until Debbie came to take him off.  I was too busy to take him off because I was laughing and taking pictures.  I'm a great mom.

This year Gus embraced the jumping pillow and made up for lost time.
 Unlike Gus, Anders first time on the jumping pillow was a huge success.

It is amazing how much things change in a year.

The farm also added a new slide this year.

I'm pretty sure he is thinking, oh,crap!  I don't think this is a good idea.  Then he gets to the bottom and thinks, Nevermind, that was AWESOME!  Let's do it again!

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